Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Stouffville Memorial Christian Church

Stouffville Christian Church


George & Dorothy Middleton

George & Dorothy Middleton






Partners in the Gospel



George & Dorothy Middleton

International Coordinated Christian Ministries: Rev. George and Dorothy Middleton were long time friends of Stouffville Christian Church. They were former missionaries to Ethiopia and founders of Emmanuel International. His son Mel and his daughter Janet are currently serving the orphans and street people of Ethiopia through International Coordinated Christian Ministries. Rev. Middleton had a deep love for the Lord and a genuine passion for the poor and disadvantaged people of Ethiopia and the poor of the world and we feel privileged to partner with his Emmanuel International and ICCM. 


Ruth & Ken Copsy

Minobo Project in the Philippines: We were privileged to raise over a thousand dollars to work with local churches in a remote part of the Philippines. Ruth and Ken established a Bible School program for the children and with the help of the local people, built a school for the children to attend and get an education. We continue to stay in touch with the Copsy's and assist them in this ongoing need.


Emmanuel International

Stouffville Christian Church's connection with Emmanuel International is strong and goes back many years. Pastor Jim served as a director with EI for ten years before coming to lead our Church. Emmanuel International is committed to working with the Church around the world assisting it to reach out in Jesus' name to the very poor. We have been blessed to partner with them in this compassionate Christian ministry. They can be found at http://www.e-i.org/.


Canadian Evangelical Christian Fellowship

Stouffville Memorial Christian Church is a charter member of the Canadian Evangelical Christian Fellowship formed in 2008. The CECF is an Evangelical association of like-minded churches with a heritage in the Christian Church restoration movement. Churches of the CECF covenant to work together in Christian unity and common mission for renewal in the Church and faithful witness of the gospel.