Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Jesus' Last Supper was actually a Jewish Passover. Laura Barron of Jews for Jesus will recreate the traditional Passover service and explain how it foreshadowed Jesus' death and resurrection in a presentation called "Christ in the Passover" at Stouffville Christian Church on Sunday, April 1st, at 10:45 A.M.
Laura Barron wil lset a table with items traditionally used at the Passover meal and detail their spiritual significance. She will also explain the connection between the events of the first Passover in Egypt and the redemption that Jesus accomplished, as well as the deep bond between the ancient Passover feast and the Christian communion celebration today.
Jews for Jesus has presented "Christ in the Passover" at over 38,000 churches. I has been enthusiastically received by Christians who appreciate learning more about the Jewish backgrounds of their faith. Moishe Rosen, who founded Jews for Jesus in 1973, has also co-written the book, Christ in the Passover, with his wife, Ceil. This seminal work includes a look at Passover in ancient times and how it is practiced today. It will be available after the presentation.
Also available will be a DVD of the Christ in the Passover presentation with David Brickner, the executive director of Jesus for Jesus. Brickner, a fifth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus, succeeded Rosen as Executive Director in 1996. Brickner has kept Jews for Jesus on the cutting edge as the ministry has expanded and established branches in elelven countries including the United States, Brazil, Israel, Russia, France, and South Aftrica. "We exist to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide," Brickner states. "There are stil a few that haven't heard of us!"
Laura Barron will be happy to answer questions after the presentation. Following the service there will be coffee and desert and an opportunity to talk with Laura further.
There is of course no admission charge to this Easter worship celebration and we cordially invite all guests and visitors to join us on Sunday, April 1st. There will be some wonderful music and a time for reflective worship as part of this Easter service.
We look forward to seeing you here.
Looking Ahead!
On Sunday, May 6th, 'Freedom Bound' will come to minister to us with a full morning of music and worship. This will be an inspiring Sunday not to be missed!

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Let's always remember that we are privileged to have this ministry of prayer for one another and for the ministries of the Church. God has been good to hear and to honour many of our requests. "'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' Says the Lord of hosts."

Pastor Jim